Metro DC Flash User's Group

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Metro DC Flash User's Group.  The meeting was held at Center for Digital Imaging Arts of Boston University (satellite location) in Georgetown, DC.

Doug Chaplow first presented on developing for mobile devices with Flash.  One of the most important points I took away from his presentation was that AIR for iOS (not really AIR) and AIR for Android now have basically all the same capabilities. For a while, Adobe had been focused on Android during the political turmoil with Apple.  Once Apple removed restricts on the cross-compiled apps, Adobe began work again on the cross-compiler for iOS and its now supposedly just as robust as AIR for Android.

One gentlemen in the group also mentioned that if you are writing an app for both iOS (Apple), do not include the word "Android" or "Blackberry" in your code or else it will get rejected by Apple.

Example of what NOT to do in your flash mobile app:

    case 'Android':
        result = 'Get Rejected From Apple Store';
        result = 'Get Rejected From Apple Store';

Can anybody confirm if this is true?  I wonder if this also applies to comments like:

//Developing for Android is better than for iOS

Don Anderson gave the second presentation on his MVC framework called Rivet.  While the framework is still in development, it looks like the key goal was event listener management.  In Rivet, it looked like all event listeners for a view are added and removed in a separate controller when a view is activated/deactivated.  The architecture was definitely more pure ActionScript focused than Flex.  Overall, the presentation was very good and I always welcome any talk on a variation of the Model-View-Controller architecture.

I would really urge anybody in the DC metro area to check out this meetup group.  It was a great time and everybody was very friendly and knowledgeable.

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  1. Update: After further investigation, I believe the thing about apple rejecting apps for having the word "andriod" is actually a myth.

    I hope to submit to the app store sometime in the near future...I will definitely include "Android" to verify.